The NCBC has recently purchased a Neurophotometrics Fiber Photometry system capable of 3 color imaging across up to 7 brain areas. This system is perfect for recording calcium signals in axons and cell bodies simultaneously using GCaMP and RCaMP in freely behaving mice.
The NCBC has recently purchased two Bruker multiphoton microscopes for in vivo and in vitro two photon imaging. The systems will be installed at the beginning of 2019. Stay tuned!
The NCBC’s LaVision Light Sheet Microscope will be installed Tuesday, September 25th and the LaVision engineer will be available for training users on Wednesday, September 26th. If you would like to participate in a training session, contact Shane Heiney for details and to make arrangements.
The NCB Core now offers a Leica SPE Confocal microscope capable of confocal and epifluorescent imaging.  Please see the Imaging page for more info!


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