To Become a NCB Core User...

If you are interested in the NCB Core's equipment or services and would like to become a new Core user, please:

  1. Review the NCB Core Policies
  2. Submit a NCBC New User Request and sign (electronically) the User Responsibilities "Contract"

 Note: Before submitting the 'New User Request' form, the prospective user must receive PI authorization for proposed Core usage. Upon submission of this form, it will be sent to your PI for approval.

  1. Arrange a meeting between yourself (and your research team, if applicable) to meet with the Core staff to discuss your research project and core usage

After this meeting, you may need to submit an IACUC protocol amendment if your current AP does not cover the experiments you are looking to conduct--the Core can provide viewing access to our AP to help with the amendment process.

  1. After the New User Request is reviewed, and the in person meeting has occurred, the prospective user will be familiarized with the Core equipment/facilities and will receive the necessary training for the use of said equipment/facilities
  2. The prospective user will be given access to the Core facility as well as the Core scheduling site

Note: the use of approved equipment/facilities must be scheduling ahead of time using the NCBC scheduling site. Billing will be determined based on time scheduled through this site.