Leica SPE Confocal Microscope

The Leica SPE laser scanning confocal system has four solid state laser lines and a narrowly tunable emission prism, allowing confocal imaging of most commonly used fluorophores. It is equipped with a motorized XY stage and fast (galvo) Z stage for rapid acquisition of tiles and z-stacks in fixed tissue. In addition to confocal, it is capable of widefield epifluorescent or brightfield imaging using a color CCD camera.


air: 2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x; oil: 20x, 40x, 63x

Filter cubes (epifluorescent)

blue: ex325-375, em435-485, dc400

green: ex460-500, em512-542, dc505

red: ex540-580, em592-668, dc585

far red: ex620/60, em700/75, dc660

Lasers (confocal)

405, 488, 561 & 635 nm

LaVision UltaMicroscope II Light Sheet Microscope

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The LaVision Ultramicroscope II light sheet microscope is capable of fast volumetric imaging of whole cleared mouse brains or other tissue, enabling whole brain connectivity and activation mapping experiments. It has 4 solid state laser lines (488, 561, 639 & 785 nm) and is equipped with both a 10x zoom body for use with the LaVision 2x objective (0.63x to 6.3x range) and an infinity corrected body for use with fixed 1.3x, 4x, and 12x infinity corrected objectives. The system is capable of imaging tissue cleared with most common procedures, including water/aqueous buffers, CLARITY/CUBIC, and BABB/DBE/Disco.