All NCBC Behavior Equipment & Housing is located in Barrier (unless otherwise noted)

The NCBC is constantly looking for new behavioral assays to assist investigators in validating and phenotyping their mouse models. In this section you will find the services/equipment we currently offer.


Available resources

Models of Anxiety & Depression-Like Behavior

  • Elevated Plus Maze
  • Elevated Zero Maze
  • Forced Swim
  • Light/Dark Box 
  • Open Field
  • Tail Suspension

Avoidance, Escape, & Learned Helplessness

  • Active Avoidance
  • Passive Avoidance
  • Escape
  • Learned Helplessness

Classical Conditioning

  • Acoustic Startle Response/PPI
  • Conditioned Place Preference
  • Fear (Threat) Conditioning

Long-Term Recording

  • Activity Monitoring
  • EEG/EMG Recording

Maze Behavior

  • Barnes Maze
  • T-Maze
  • Y-Maze

Motor Performance

  • Balance Beam
  • Digigait
  • Grip Strength (Force Meter)
  • Rotarod

Object Recognition

  • Novel Object Recognition (NOR)
  • Spatial Object Recognition (SOR)

Operant Conditioning

  • Autoshaping/Response Acquisition
  • Pavlovian Conditioned Appraoch (PCA)
  • Basic Schedules of Reinforcement: Fixed Ratio (FR)
  • Motivation: Progressive Ratio (PR)
  • Five-Choice Serial-Reaction Time Task (5-CSRTT)

Social Behavior

  • Three-Chamber Sociability Task
  • Conditioned Place Preference